Bowie XL Reorchestrated (2019)

Bowie XL Reorchestrated (2019) is a medley for large orchestra which combines six of David Bowie’s songs into a single-movement composition. The reorchestration was commissioned by Jos Schroevers and the Spanjaardsgatfestival 2019. The original version (Bowie XL [2015]) was created by Anthony Fiumara. The premiere will be held on June 13 by the Breda’s Festival Orchestra conducted by Jos Schroevers.

The composition lasts for twelve minutes and is scored for large orchestra (3232 – 8441 – Timp+3 – Hp – Pno – Str.), saxophones (2 Alt., 2 Ten., 1 Bar.) and rhythm section (Drum Kit, E. Gtr. and B. Gtr.).