Medley Spanjaardsgat (2019)

Medley Spanjaardsgatfestival was commissioned by Jos Schroevers and the 2019 Spanjaardsgatfestival in Breda, the Netherlands. Drawn from highlights of the classical music repertoire ranging from Beethoven to Stravinsky, passages from the most famous concert works and operas were reorchestrated and unified into a single movement composition for large orchestra.

The work will premiere during the Spanjaardsgatfestival in June 2019 and will be performed by the Breda’s Festival Orchestra conducted by Jos Schroevers.

Total duration of the composition is fourteen minutes and is scored for large orchestra (3232 – 8441 – Timp+2 – Hp – Pno – Str.) and saxophone section (2 Alt., 2 Ten., 1 Bar.).